FREE Help Quitting

All Nicotine and Vaping Products.

For Quit Now web-based services


Free Options Include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Personal Quit Plan
  • Self-help materials
  • Unlimited sessions with a trained Coach
  • Two (2) weeks of free NRT (nicotine replacement therapy)
  • Nicotine patches or Gum (while supplies last)
  • Shipping mailed directly to the registered participant
  • Specialized services for youth and also for pregnant women
  • Quit services for *tobacco products including:

    cigarettes, cigars, chew, dip, hookah, pipe, and/or other

  • *Intended for commercial tobacco use only

Working as a team with a COACH, you will:

  • Quit at your own pace
  • Conquer your urges to smoke
  • Use quit medications so they really work
  • Not just quit, become a nonsmoker
  • Utilize a program based on 25 years of research

For Quit Now web-based services

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